Emile Henry Bread Cloche

Bread Cloche - The lid creates the perfect oven for baking bread.

Emile Henry Lasagna Pan

Lasagna Pan - Cookware for the Pasta Perfectionist

Emile Henry Stew Pot / Dutch Oven

Dutch Oven - For Simmering Soup or Stew with Perfectly Melded Flavor

Cook on the Grill with Emile Henry

Grilling Stone - Truly Versatile Cookware for the Oven or Outside Barbeque Grill

Emile Henry baking

Baking with Emile Henry - From Oven to Table to Freezer

Emile Henry Pizza Stone

Pizza Stone - Bake Pizza in the Oven or over a BBQ Grill

Emile Henry Pie Dish

Pie Dish - For Crisp, Evenly Baked Pies Just Like Grandma Used to Bake

Emile Henry Ramekins

Ramekins - A Multi-Purpose Essential for Every Cook

Emile Henry ceramic cookware

Emile Henry - Ceramic cookware, ovenware and tableware products.

Made in France