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Professional Food Service Products

Professional and rigorous design, sleek lines and harmonious colors, high quality ceramic, handmade in France, with more than 150 years of savoir-faire.

These are the principles which govern the creation of all our products. Sturdy and attractive, in accordance with current standards and 100% traceable, our goal is to offer professional products which fulfill both your practical requirements and corporate image.

A natural material, Emile Henry HR® ceramic is cadmium, nickel and lead-free. It conforms to current food safety standards (including USA Californian norm 65) and guarantees non-toxic cooking. 

Non-stick, smooth and non-porous, the hard glaze is easy to clean. It is hygienic and does not retain any odors.

Colored glaze is a powerful way to enhance dishes and settings. We have developed a range of colors: up to 4 standard ones, depending on the range, and to choose from based on a minimum order of only 50 pieces per shape.

Created in our own laboratory, Emile Henry HR® (High Resistance) ceramic is designed for use in the professional environment. Our production process is regularly assessed and the consistent quality checks ensure that the products are safe, resistant and reliable.

RESISTANT TO MECHANICAL SHOCKS Our professional dishes can withstand the repeated drop of a steel ball from  40 cm - 15.6" high. Their specific design ensures mechanical resistance on the upper edge to an equivalent of 1800 millijoules to prevent them from chipping during service, cleaning and storage.

MAINTAINS TEMPERATURE Our ceramic is an excellent heat diffuser and maintains the cold for 30% longer than plastic containers. The temperature is evenly and rapidly diffused all over the surface of the product.

THERMAL RESISTANCE Our HR® ceramic resists wide temperature ranges – from the freezer (-20°C/-4°F) to a hot oven (+270°C/520°F).  Our dishes are therefore resistant in cold use and will retain the heat in hot use. All items can be moved from one temperature environment to another without being damaged.

INDUSTRIAL DISHWASHERS The exclusive production process of our HR Ceramic® offers an excellent resistance to industrial detergents and dishwashers, beyond the recommended 2000 cycles.

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