Customer Service

Emile Henry Pie Dish

Where can I find a specific product?

Please review the listing of top Emile Henry USA retailers on this website. You can also review your favorite housewares website, or you can call 302 326 4800 for more information.

What websites carry Emile Henry products?

Many housewares websites offer Emile Henry products. Please go to your favorite search engine and type in "Emile Henry", and a listing will appear.

Does Emile Henry warranty their products?

Emile Henry offers a ten (10) year limited warranty for manufacturer's defects. We will replace any item with the same or similar item, if the item fails during use. Warranty not effective for commercial use.

Can I order items that are available in France and not the USA?

Emile Henry USA does not special order products that are available outside the USA.

What are Emile Henry Flame-Top products?

All Flame-Top products can be safely used on top of the stove, without fear of breakage or cracking. (Except the Pizza Stone and Baking/Grilling stone as we do not recommend using on the stove top) They can also be used in the microwave, under the broiler and they go into the dishwasher.

Can I use Emile Henry products on top of the stove?

Emile Henry Flame products, (marked with a flame symbol on the bottom of each piece) can be used on gas, electric and halogen stove-tops, and on induction stove-tops with an induction disk. (Except the Pizza Stone and Baking/Grilling stone as we do not recommend using on the stove top) All other Emile Henry Ceradon products cannot be used over a direct stove-top heat source.

What is an induction stove?

It is a stove that is powered by electricity flowing through a coil to produce a magnetic field under a ceramic cook top. When an iron or magnetic stainless pan is placed on the ceramic surface, currents are induced in the cooking vessel and instant heat is generated due to the resistance of the pan. Induction only works with cooking vessels or induction disks that are made from magnetic materials.

Can I use my Emile Henry in a convection oven and what is the air flow allowance?

Yes, Emile Henry can be used in convection ovens. There has to be enough air space for the air to flow around the dish for even baking.

Can I put my Emile Henry products in the dishwasher?

All Emile Henry products are dishwasher-safe.

Can I use a knife or stainless steel utensil on the surface of Emile Henry products?

You can directly cut on the surface of all Emile Henry products, without fear of damaging the surface.

Do Emile Henry products go under the boiler?

All Emile Henry products are broiler-safe.

Can Emile Henry products go in freezer?

All Emile Henry products can go in the freezer, and can go directly from the freezer to the hot oven, without a warm-up period on the counter.

Can I put my bowls or plates in the oven before use?

All of our Emile Henry products may be put into the oven. When baking or roasting in Emile Henry, it is recommended that a small amount of liquid or sauce is poured in the bottom of the dish. Do not bake dry. Do not place a hot dish on a cold surface.

Can I heat Flame products on top of the stove, without food or liquid, so that I can sear meats?

Yes, Emile Henry Flame products can be heated to extremely high temperatures, up to 450 degrees C/800 degrees F, without any food or liquid, and without fear of cracking or breakage.

What oven temperature is safe for Emile Henry Ceradon products?


What raw materials are used in the manufacturing of Emile Henry products?

Emile Henry products are manufactured from Burgundy clay and other natural non-clay products. All of the raw materials are food-safe and meet the most stringent food-use regulations, including CA Prop 65.

What raw materials are used in the Emile Henry Flame products?

Flame products are manufactured from Burgundy clay and other non-clay products, meet the most stringent food-use regulations, including CA Prop 65.

Why do you show colors in your brochure that are not available?

Some colors are only available in France, or they have recently been discontinued.

Why are some products listed in your brochure but are not available in the United States?

Some of our brochures are used internationally and may contain products that are sold outside the USA.

Will Emile Henry ship internationally?

Emile Henry USA does not ship outside the USA, however, we can direct you to local distributors that can help fulfill your product needs.

Can I order a catalog or product brochure?

Please place an order through this website, however your product questions may already be answered in this website.

I am opening a new store. Who is your contact person in our State?

Please send an inquiry through this website, email us at [email protected], or call 302 326 4800 and ask for customer service, and we will direct you to a local sales representative.

What is the procedure for returning product that needs to claimed under the Emile Henry Warranty?

Please either call 302 326 4800, or send an e-mail to "consumer relations" at [email protected], and you will receive shipping instructions and the procedure for returning items that require replacement.