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Emile Henry USA Oval Baker 9029_sugar
Emile Henry USA Oval Baker 9029_rouge
Emile Henry USA Oval Baker 9029_rouge
Emile Henry USA Oval Baker 9028_rouge
Emile Henry USA Oval Baker 9028_sugar

Oval Baker Individual Sugar

These French-made oval dishes are often referred to as 'Gratin' dishes. The word 'Gratin' originated in French cuisine and it refers to food, frequently potatoes, that feature a creamy sauce and browned crust of bread crumbs, grated cheese and butter. You will appreciate the shape and the quality of this HR® (High Resistance) ceramic dish which is resistant to chipping and extreme temperatures.

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Weight: 1 lb.
  • Dimensions: L 8.5", W 5.6, H 2.2"
  • Capacity: 15 oz.
  • Max temperature: 500°
  • Min temperature: 0°
  • Handmade in France
  • Guarantee: 10 year warranty
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0.0 lb

10-Year Guarantee

We are proud to offer products made from very high quality ceramic, which pass very rigorous quality control by our team. We are therefore pleased to offer a 10 year guarantee on all Emile Henry products. Our warranty covers any production fault or quality problem with the product when used in a normal domestic environment, and respecting the care and use instructions. Any variation in the finish of the item is due to the handiwork carried out in our workshops and does not alter in any way the culinary qualities of our dishes. Warranty not valid for commercial and foodservice use.