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Emile Henry Tagine Size: 2.1 quart, Color: Burgundy
Emile Henry Tagine Size: 2.1 quart, Color: Charcoal
Emile Henry Tagine Tagine
Emile Henry Tagine Tagine
Emile Henry Tagine Tagine
Emile Henry Tagine Size: 3.7 quart, Color: Charcoal
Emile Henry Tagine Color: Burgundy
Emile Henry Tagine Color: Burgundy
Emile Henry Tagine Color: Charcoal
Emile Henry Tagine Tagine
Emile Henry Tagine Tagine
Emile Henry Tagine Tagine
Emile Henry Tagine Color: Charcoal
Emile Henry Tagine Tagine
Emile Henry Tagine Size: 3.7 quart, Color: Burgundy
Emile Henry Tagine Color: Burgundy
Emile Henry Tagine Tagine
Emile Henry Tagine Tagine
Emile Henry Tagine Tagine
Emile Henry Tagine Color: Burgundy
Emile Henry Tagine Tagine
Emile Henry Tagine Color: Charcoal
Emile Henry Tagine Tagine
Emile Henry Tagine Tagine
Emile Henry Tagine Tagine

Tagine 2.6 quart Poppy Red

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The versatile and handsome Emile Henry Tagine makes it easy to prepare a variety of tantalizing Moroccan meals. Our piece features a tall, conical lid that locks in aromatic steam and continuously bastes cooking foods in their own juices.
Flame Ceramic®
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" x 13" x 8.3"
2.6 qts. ()

Made from Flame Ceramic, our Tagine can be used either directly on the heat or in the oven, and allows you to make delicious tagines, stews and other recipes which require simmering.  Beef, lamb, chicken, fish, and even vegetables will never be as tender, moist, and flavorful than when they are cooked in an Emile Henry Tagine. The Tagine is  a versatile item to cook everything from chicken thighs, chicken wings, stews, beans, potatoes, meatballs, curry dishes, and so much more. Preparing a one-dish dinner has never been so easy!

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" x 13" x 8.3" cm x cm x cm
" x " x " cm x cm x cm
2.6 qts. ()

Directly on the heat (gas, electricity, halogen, and with an induction disk for induction stove tops); Oven; Microwave; Dishwasher

From freezer...

to microwave or oven.

On the stovetop. (except the Baking Stone & Pizza Stone)

Slow cooking, keeps hot.

Attractive presentation.

Easy to clean, dishwasher safe.

On the barbeque.

Natural Products: We attach great importance to the fact that our stewpots, tagines and other cooking utensils are produced using raw materials taken directly from the surrounding countryside: non-treated clay, sand, filtered water and mineral oxides for the colorful glazes. This allows you to cook in total safety. There is no lead, cadmium or nickel in our products, which means that there is no risk of contamination while cooking. Emile Henry's Flame® cookware is made in Marcigny France from high fired Burgundy clay.

Delicate Cooking: Contrary to metallic cooking utensils, our Flame® ceramic is an excellent heat diffuser (not conductor). Cooking is therefore gentle: the food does not burn and all the flavors are kept in tact. Very high temperatures are therefore unnecessary and we advise you to always start on a low heat. This even heat distribution means that the ingredients do not burn during cooking and conserve all their vitamins.

Healthy Cooking: The absence of metal in our products allows you to cook without oxidizing the food, thus retaining all the vitamins and nutritive qualities present in the ingredients. What's more, our highly resistant glazes allow cooking with a minimal amount of fat. Finally, our non-porous ceramic avoids the absorption of smells or water and makes it easy to clean. Discover the versatility of our Flame® products.

Resistance Against Mechanical Shocks: During everyday use, there are many opportunities to bang a dish or a set of plates. Particularly resistant to shocks, our ceramic is even used in restaurants!

Resistance Against Temperature Changes: A dish or stewpot should be able to withstand wide variations in temperature. Our ceramics allow our products to be taken directly from the freezer to the hot oven (+500°C/930°F).

Resistance Against Fading Colors: Heat, the dishwasher or sharp instruments will all have an aging effect on a product. Our glazes are particularly resistant to the dishwasher and the most aggressive of detergents.

10-Year Guarantee

We are proud to offer products made from very high quality ceramic, which pass very rigorous quality control by our team. We are therefore pleased to offer a 10 year guarantee on all Emile Henry products. Our warranty covers any production fault or quality problem with the product when used in a normal domestic environment, and respecting the care and use instructions. Any variation in the finish of the item is due to the handiwork carried out in our workshops and does not alter in any way the culinary qualities of our dishes. Warranty not valid for commercial and foodservice use.

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Helen O.
United States United States
A great cooking experience!

We are fully enjoying cooking with our new 2.6QT Poppy Red tagine. Delicious results in both slow cook mode and in not-so-slow. Easy to clean even after extended cooking.

James T.
United States United States

My only objection was that it was not the same blue as in the picture. Otherwise quite a brilliant object décoratif et utile.

Almeida J.
United States United States
LOVE LOVE LOVE my tagine

The tagine was delivered well in advance of anticipated date and I put it to use immediately! Working my way through a tagine cookbook, to the delight of family and friends!

Leslie A.
United States United States
Tagine Novice

I love to cook and wanted to try the tagine. The instructions said to fill 1/2 with milk and bring to a simmer on lowest heat - before you ever first use it. When milk cools - throw it out. I did this, wondering why this was necessary. I found out 2 things from it. The milk came to a boil MUCH faster than I thought it would, and it burned faster than I thought it would. Good to know. I LOVE my tagine. Meals are delicious and different. I highly recommend a tagine and getting a tagging recipe cookbook. Your are on your way to a new approach to cooking and meals. LOVE IT!!!

Absolutely wonderful!

I have been enjoying my 2.6 qt Rust colored flameware tagine from Emile Henry. I cured it with whole milk as instructed, then cleaned the solids leftover in the base. Not too hard to do. Then later I made a chicken and vegetable curry which turned out fantastic. Again, the tagine performed wonderfully. I did learn to be careful on the amount of raw food placed in the tagine. As things cook, they render liquid which adds to the volume of liquid in the base. It can be filled too full and result in some coming out while it cooks. I highly recommend this tagine and also caution you to not overfill it. Enjoy

Healthy cooking with Flame® ceramic from Emile Henry

Discover the taste of healthy cooking, lovingly prepared in an entirely natural cooking utensil. This is the role of Emile Henry's Flame® ceramic. Created for use directly on the heat (gas, electricity or halogen*),(except the Baking Stone & Pizza Stone), our Flame® products can also be used in the oven or microwave.

Our products can be used at a temperature of 500°C/930°F and are highly resistant to thermal shocks: you can take your dish from the freezer (-20°C/0°F) and put it directly in a hot oven. What's more, its capacity to retain the heat means that the food stays hot for longer on the table.

Specialized in cooking simmered meat, fish and vegetables, our Flame® ceramic also has its role to play in preparing desserts. Thanks to its even heat diffusion, famous chefs recommend it for making caramel quickly and easily!

* with an induction disk for induction stove tops.