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Silky No-Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie by Gustus Vitae

Cheesy Stuffed Pasta Shells by Gustus Vitae

BBQ'd Pizza by Gustus Vitae

Deep Dish Pepperoni & Mushroom Pizza by Gustus Vitae

Ricotta, Spinach, & Tomato Tart

Crab and Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

Focaccia al Rosmarino by Gustus Vitae

Italian Brioche Buns by MamaMiaMangia

Italian Lasagna Bolognese by MamaMiaMangia

No-Knead Sourdough Italian Bread Loaf by King Arthur Baking

Ultimate Carrot Cake by Gustus Vitae

Roast Cod Stuffed with Ricotta, Spinach, & Sun Dried Tomatoes

Easy Italian Pear Cake (Torta con le Pere) by MamaMiaMangia

Red Onion Tarte Tatin

French Dip Sliders by Gustus Vitae

Rustic Whole Wheat Bread

Gooey Blondie Brownies by Gustus Vitae

Chicory Tarte Tatin

French Onion Soup

Shrimp & Bacon Canapés by Gustus Vitae

Pear & Almond Baked Brie

Winter Apple & Pear Tart by Gustus Vitae

No-Knead Garlic Basil Dinner Rolls by Gustus Vitae

Chocolate Marble Cake

Apple Puff Pastry Pockets

Holiday Leftovers Casserole by THEINSPIREDHOME

Brown Butter Apple Pie by MamaMiaMangia

Honey Goat Cheese Balls by Denay DeGuzman of Confetti & Bliss

Stuffed Squash with Wild Rice & Feta Cheese

Sage and Orange Pumpkin Rolls by Ankarsrum Original USA

Hasselback Au Gratin Potatoes by Gustus Vitae

Tart Raspberry Lime Pie by Gustus Vitae

Classic Crème Brûlée by Gustus Vitae

Sous Vide Apple Pie by Gustus Vitae

Crustless Spinach & Ham Quiche by Gustus Vitae

Year Round All The Berries Diner Pie by Gustus Vitae