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Chicory Tarte Tatin

French Onion Soup

One Pot Carbonara with Pancetta & Peas by The Inspired Home

Shrimp & Bacon Canapés by Gustus Vitae

Winter Apple & Pear Tart by Gustus Vitae

Blueberry Kintsugi Cheesecake by Gustus Vitae

Chocolate Marble Cake

Holiday Leftovers Casserole by THEINSPIREDHOME

Brown Butter Apple Pie by MamaMiaMangia

Honey Goat Cheese Balls by Denay DeGuzman of Confetti & Bliss

Stuffed Squash with Wild Rice & Feta Cheese

Frittata Quiche by Ankarsrum Original USA

Sage and Orange Pumpkin Rolls by Ankarsrum Original USA

Hasselback Au Gratin Potatoes by Gustus Vitae

Classic Crème Brûlée by Gustus Vitae

Sous Vide Apple Pie by Gustus Vitae

Summer Club Salad