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Professional - Delight

Derived from state-of-the-art technology, ‘Delight’ offers all the advantages expected from a high quality culinary ceramic, plus new benefits once only available from other materials. Excellent performance on induction and all other heat sources - but also in the traditional oven and microwave. Much lighter than a classic casserole, ‘Delight’ is accessible to more users and easy to handle. Its unparalleled resistance to heat and its reactivity allow browning, sealing and sautéing! Great for buffets. Keep food warm on induction buffet units, perfect for browning, sealing, and sautéeing!

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Delight Round Dutch Oven
Price Range:$264.95 to $324.95
Delight Tagine (Induction Compatible)
slate variant for Delight Tagine (Induction Compatible) white-lid-w-slate-tagine variant for Delight Tagine (Induction Compatible)
Price Range:$279.95 to $349.95
Delight Oval Dutch Oven
Regular price $349.95
Delight Tart Tatin Set
Regular price $284.95